Sustainable materials.
Classic GUND softness.

Our first line of sustainably soft friends, sourced from 100% recycled materials! Each friend is crafted with luxe, ultra-soft recycled plush, fill and sustainable packaging. It’s our gift to future generations of cuddlers.

Hugs today for a better tomorrow.

You and your baby will love the softness of our sustainably soft friends. Like all GUND plush toys these new friends are made to be loved and cherished forever.

How It Works...

Step 1

Recycled materials are sourced and sorted for repurposing.

Step 2

Plastic bottles are washed and melted, transforming the plastic waste into super-fine fibers.

Step 3

These new recycled fibers are then spun and used to craft plush friends!

Did You Know

  • Each of GUND’s 100% Recycled Plush animals is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Our Recycled Plush collection is just as soft as our classic plush toys.
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  • Every component of each stuffed animal is crafted with recycled materials, from the fiber fill and recycled thread to the fabric and pre-consumer recycled plastic beans.
  • Even our packaging is recycled, from the protective poly bag to the sewn-in label and hangtag.

Peppercorn™ Kitty

Lilac™ Lamb

Buttercup™ Duckling

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