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Introducing Playsponsible

Delivering the joy of play to children and families responsibly, to preserve future generations of fun.

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Playsponsible logo
Playsponsible logo
We’re committed to creating magical play experiences for children and their families while also being responsible custodians of the world these children will one day inherit.

To that end we are:

  • minimizing the impact of our products and operations on our planet
  • producing safe, high quality and responsibly sourced toys
  • leveraging responsible product materials and packaging to provide you with more sustainable options.

Product Life Cycle

Traditionally the toy industry has used plastic in manufacturing due to its safety, durability and ability to conform to moulds and shapes. Through Playsponsible, we are focusing on opportunities to create more sustainable options within our product lifecycle to reduce impact on the planet.

A diagram showing the product life cycle of Spin Master's products: 1. Materials/Design, 2. Manufacturing, 3. Distribution, 4. Use, 5. End-of-Life (with least preferred to most preferred method: landfill, energy recovery, recycle/compost, and reuse).

Playsponsible in Action

Packaging of a few games in the Mindful Classics collection

Responsible Product Design

We are continuously exploring opportunities to reduce the use of virgin materials in toys through innovative methods or by incorporating recycled or responsibly-sourced content. Our goal is to maintain the best play experience while also finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainable Packaging

Packaging is part of the entire unboxing experience of our toys and games. We have made a commitment to a 50% reduction in the use of plastic in packaging in 2025 and are actively looking for approaches to reduce packaging and use single-use plastic alternatives. Our innovative engineers and designers are also coming up with ideas to integrate toy and game packaging into the play experience to extend the use and maximize the fun.

Several Brave Bunnies products including a truck playset and figures
Terracycle logo

Toys often spend a long time in your home – sometimes being handed down to a sibling or stored for the next generation.  But, someday you might want to clear out your much-loved toys. We partner with international recycling leader TerraCycle in the US to give you the chance to recycle your once-cherished toys and games*. Both packaging and toys can be sent through to TerraCycle to be recycled into other products from benches to playground equipment.

Recycle with Terracycle

*excludes Kinetic Sand and Orbeez.

Here are a few examples of the Playsponsible items in our portfolio showcasing forward-thinking, responsible design.
A few Mindful Classics products: a chess board, dominos and four in a row

Mindful Classics

Mindful Classics is a beautifully designed games collection, including timeless favorites from Chess & Checkers to Dominos, that are made with FSC certified wood and paper, bamboo and recycled plastic, and all in plastic-free packaging.

Jumbling Tower Chess & Checkers Double-Six Dominoes Four in a Row

GUND Baby Sustainably Soft Friends

Our first line of sustainably soft friends is sourced from 100% recycled materials. Each friend is crafted with luxe, ultra-soft recycled plush and fill and packaged in sustainable materials. It’s our gift to future generations of cuddlers.

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Spin Master brings kids and families together through the timeless magic of play. We seek to be an inclusive employer, enhance the communities we operate in and minimize our environmental impacts.
Learn more in our 2021 CSR Report
Cover of Spin Master's 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Get your TerraCycle shipping label

We offer free packaging and product recycling with TerraCycle. Simply download a free shipping label to ship your Spin Master toys, games, and packaging to TerraCycle, and we’ll recycle them. *only available in the United States.

Create a TerraCycle account and join this program. Then reuse any box you have to start collecting your Spin Master toys, games, and packaging.

When your box is full, sign in to your TerraCycle account to download and print a prepaid shipping label.

Seal your box, affix the prepaid shipping label, and send it to us to be recycled.

Click here to learn more about Spin Master Free Recycling Program with TerraCycle.